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A Message from Paradise

Sarah Mohamed Sabry

Dear Dad,
I'm writing to you from paradise
I'm writing to you after you had paid the price
When they shot me within your arms

You thought that your arms would protect me.
You thought that my weakness would let them have sympathy on me.

We were just an unarmed father and son
Facing four or five devils
Who were shooting the ground, the stars and heavens
We used a small barrel as a barrier
Not even hiding quarter of our bodies
You shouted out: "we are alone
We have no weapon, not even a stone."

At that time I was an innocent child
Hoping for the sun to rise
Dreaming of having back my home
Dreaming for a smile that I never had before
But they didn't give me the chance to smile
They didn't give me the chance to dream.

I shouted out and screamed:
"Oh dad, I'm afraid
I'm just seeing hatred
That is the butchery they had made."

I heard you crying,
Asking the terrorists not to shoot
I saw you falling down
When the shots passed through my body
Dad, I'm killed.
I felt your broken heart
Hugging my dead body
You saw me falling down
With your eyes that bleed
Oh God, they killed your dream
You touched my heart that stopped to beat
And tasted my blood
When my body started to bleed

Then you went to the hospital and I went to the grave.
The butchers now are happy. They thought they were brave.
They sniped a child in his father's arms
And they are still thirsty for more blood and more harm

They murdered me, though I'll never die
Dad, I'm now living in paradise
I'm living with the martyrs.
The angels are playing with me.
Moses, Jesus, and Mohamed are praying for me.
At every night they are kissing me
At every moment they are cursing those killers
They are asking you
To bring me back my home
To set free the mosque of the Dome

Dad, don't forget .. don't forgive
Bring me back my home
Bring me back my hope
Get them out from my home.

Signed by: Mohamed Gamal EL Dorah
A Palestinian child killed at 30/9/2000
By Israeli soldiers